Oppressed Women


Some claim that women are easier duped then men, and I am sorry to say that I think that’s actually right, and that’s the why they are in fact more oppressed now than they were before; that is also the reason why about 9 out of 10 “right wing extremists” are men. Only about 1 out of 10 such individuals are women. Or at least that’s the impression we get from our own movement. Why is that so when certainly it’s the women who have the most to lose? They are suffering more from this “multi-cultural” feminist Jew-yoke than men are. Why are they eagerly marching side by side with those who destroy their families, their opportunities in life, their hopes and dreams and even themselves?

The enemy has naturally been able to identify our weakness and has exploited this weakness massively the last few centuries. The destruction of Europe has been sought through the destruction of our women. They are – whether we like to admit this or not – more easily duped than men are, and they are actually very easily manipulated by means of flattery. The Jews told our women that they deserved better, that they too could do the work of men, that they should not waste their lives raising children, that they had the right to have a career and real power in society and so forth. The women agreed, because they were flattered; in reality they were being told lies!

Today the traditional role of women has been stepped upon and spit upon and ridiculed by (real as well as artificial) Jews to such a degree that hardly any European woman (at least openly) thinks highly of it. It is almost on the same level as that of slavery. “Those poor women were mere slaves to their men”. The result is naturally that European women suppress their own motherly instincts and rarely even want children, and if they get children they commonly only have one or two, because they don’t want their “oh-so-important” careers (as a hair dresser, a secretary or a cashier or something like that) to suffer. Actually, often they cannot evenafford to have more than one or possibly two children, because of the society the women have created for themselves with their embrace of feminism. They have exchanged their good, useful and traditional role of women with actual slavery – so cruel it doesn’t even allow them to have children! Not even slaves were treated that badly in the past!

So, most women today are slaves to Jewish bankers, they don’t produce children, they don’t raise their children and they are not even free to have as many children they like to – if they can even afford to have one. That’s one of the fruits of feminism.

Naturally, the women have been flattered into entering politics as well, where they are easily manipulated by the enemies of Europe, and where their participation accelerate the destruction of Europe; mainly because of their inability to let reason dominate their lives. Yes, women are to a much larger degree than men dominated by their emotions. Again; this is true whether or not we like it to be. Women are built that way, because their role in nature is to care for and protect sweet, young, innocent and vulnerable children. Almost only women care when they see some starving Negro child on some propaganda poster, so to speak. Most men really don’t give a shit. If they do it’s only because they have been so feminized by the sick society they grow up in that they have almost been turned into women themselves. What this means is that by having women in politics our enemies managed to make European countries accept mass immigration of “poor”, “suffering”, and “starving” Africans and Asians. “We have to help these poor people!” Their mother instinct was used by our enemies to facilitate the destruction of Europe.

Again it’s mainly the women who suffer from this; they are the ones being raped in the streets, being beaten by their immigrant husbands, being harassed by immigrants for looking like cheap prostitutes in the streets and so forth. Men suffer too, but not nearly as much as women.

That brings us to the next point in this post; how do women look? The Jewish-dominated fashion industry is propagating a beauty ideal that is not only Negro and ugly, but also one that actually makes our women infertile! Even if they wanted to these skinny model women would not even have been able to have children; they are in fact infertile! Again, this serves the Jewish cause; this too helps destroy Europe! And this is of course the why they promote this “beauty” ideal in the first place. Our women fall for this because they are flattered; “Oh, you are so beautiful with those skinny legs and that short hair”. No they are not; they look like a mix between feminine men and D&D skeletons. If women want to look their best they should first of all grow their hair long, and secondly do their best to look healthy. Every man on this planet prefers a woman with long hair to one with short hair! It’s that simple. The longer the hair the better. Why do you think it’s illegal for women to show their long hair in public in some non-European societies? Because it’s too attractive for the male semi-human animals in these societies to control themselves!

The final point I will discuss is education, and how women are duped into spending so much time studying at universities and elsewhere too. Not only will this turn them into debt slaves, because studying is expensive, but it’s main purpose is actually to brain-soil these women and to make sure they don’t marry and have children before it’s “hopefully” – too late for them (in which case they “ideally” adopt some half-ape instead). This is the place where the final flattery (i. e. manipulation) of women happens; the universities spew out all sorts of feminist propaganda. It has been interwoven into everything there! It is omnipresent wherever you turn your head, in every context, in every shadow and crack in the walls of thesesynagogues; feminism permeates the educational system! Everything revolves around how women have been viciously oppressed by evil men, by how good the (*hysh*, *hysh*; Jewish) feminists are, by how women contribute “positively” in society (by destroying it on behalf of the Jews), and so forth.

I think I just answered the next question; why are not more women involved in so-called “right-wing extremism”? They are the main focus of the Jewish propaganda, because they are our weak point, so to speak.

European children are our most important means to secure the survival and prosperous future for Europe, but how on Earth can we produce such children without traditional European women? Just like Sweden needs encouragement, I think we should all actively praise the traditional woman, her qualities, her effort and her role. We should express admiration for them whenever we meet or even hear about them! We should let them know how important they are to Europe, to society and not least to their own children. We should raise the traditional woman’s role as an ideal high above all other roles. Women should get to know just how much we admire the feminine, healthy, long-haired, well-dressed, moral woman! And we do! This is not only flattery; we really do! Unlike the Jews we mean what we say, and our motive for saying what we mean is not to destroy but to preserve Europe. HailaR WôðnaR! HailaR Fraujon!

PS. If you ever share photos of women on this blog make sure they are always of traditional and well-dressed European women! If they are, please do, and let our women know how we find them the most attractive! No silicone, no dyed hair, no falseness whatsoever. Only natural European women!

For more on this topic you can see this video too! 

Original text by V. V.

Big trees grow from small seeds


Some of us like or even love children. Others dislike or even despise children and will go to great lengths to make sure there are no children around them at any time. No matter what we feel about children though, we all have to agree that European children is the most important and most valuable factor in the struggle to ensure the survival of Europe.

When we know this we need to know that blood is not all that matters in this context; we need to educate our children too! What good is it to have European children if they grow up under the influence of our enemies? What good are they to Europe if they too (like was the case for our parent generation) become brainwashed by the enemies of Europe?

The way to do this is first of all to make sure the mother stays home with the children when they are still children, and raise them herself. Letting a socialist extremist school system raise the children for us will do us no good; only exceptions (like us) emerge from that system with their minds intact. The majority become completely brainwashed – and of course that is the why they are there in the first place. The only way to educate good Europeans is by home-schooling, or “un-schooling”. The mother stays home with the children and educates them, like they did in the past. The man provides for the family and the mother educates the children. This is the traditional model, yes, and it is traditional because it worked; this is the natural and best way to do this!

At a later stage the father will become more directly involved and will start to teach them his trade and of course warrior skills and other things the mother cannot teach them. All men need to be warriors too, in case the king calls them for war (although girls and women too need such skills).

This sounds simple, and to some extent it is, but it really is very important that we reject the brainwashing institutions and preserve the European in our European children, so to speak. Home-schooled children don’t become junkies, they don’t become molested by older children or paedophiles, they don’t swear (the worst words my children know are “idiot” and “pole/staff” [and yes, “pole/staff” is not really a bad word, but it is some times used by my children to express frustration]), they don’t bully each other or become exposed to bullying, they need to spend much less time to learn anything than they would in school, they are less bored, the parents spend less time and fuel to bring and pick up the children from school, and so forth.

My 5,5-year-old can e. g. already reads both Norwegian and French, he already works with mathematics that you work with when you are 9 year-old in school, and he is incredibly knowledgeable and understand most processes in nature already.

Children in school live in micro-societies custom-made for children their age. So they never really socialise or at least work with individuals older than them. They never learn things intended for older children. They remain with the same group of individuals throughout their lives and thus actually remain rather immature and childish. Our 3,5 year old boy has been exposed to much less home-schooling, but he has been there when we – i. e. mostly my wife – have taught his older brother, so he too can actually already read French, and we haven’t even taught him that. He just learned this passively – because he lives in a micro-society that is not just made for individuals his age. He too is incredibly knowledgeable and knows all sorts of things that could not be expected from a boy his age, because he don’t spend most of his time socialising with children of his own age.

Our boys – in addition to receiving home-schooling – help us feed the hens and rabbits, they help us clean the cages, they collect eggs with us, they are there when I do minor repairs on the cars, when I change tyres, they join us when we walk the dog – on bikes, on foot or in a cart, they help us sow in the kitchen garden, they help us cook dinner, they go grocery shopping with us, they visit Stone Age caves with us, they visit Zoos with us (I don’t like Zoos…), they join us when we go to some archaeological site, they come with us to the market, they all come when the oldest one go pony riding, they join us when I take my wife to the rifle range, the oldest one join me when I run (often on a bike), and of course we do things only for them too, like take them to the playground, to the beach (where there is a playground), to see some ruin on a mountain top or whatever. They learn so much just by living and playing – and they do this when most other kids their age sit still on a chair and wait for the teacher to continue.

I don’t leave my precious children to the care of complete strangers whose main objective is to brainwash them and turn them into useful slaves for the banker Jews ruling this world. I work home, so if something happens I am there to protect them. They are my responsibility and I don’t leave them to be raised, educated, fed or protected by complete strangers like most parents do today. If I did they too would probably grow up to be brainwashed traitors to our race and useful slaves and cannon-fodder for the (real or artificial) Jews who rule this world today. If I did they too would be likely to become lost to Europe.

Yes, it is a matter of making sure we not only produce European children, but also keep them European. We must raise them to become good, honest, hard-working, skilled, knowledgeable, kind, just and honourable, but also strong and intolerant, as well as merciless and hard in relation to our enemies. Europe is not just a race (or actually a species), it is also a mentality, a spirit, a moral and mind-set. HailaR WôðanaR! 

My children being home-schooled;


Original text by V. V.

Crypto-Jews at large


Every now and then – I guess about once a week – I get an e-mail or a few comments from some pro-Jewish person claiming to be Pagan and European and with an ultra-nationalistic name. They all argue strongly in favour of allying with the Jews, because the Jews are «so good at fighting Islam already and we can learn so much from them», or because «the Muslims are the true enemy», and similar nonsense. They argue that it is Muslims who rape our women, who rob us, who steal from us, who reproduce like rabbits, and so forth – and no Jew is guilty of this «of course».

Naturally we already know that most of these pro-Jewish «Pagan Europeans» are in fact Jews themselves, so-called crypto-Jews, who try to infiltrate, influence and manipulate us, and the other half is made up of complete idiots and ignorant fools – who unknowingly or even knowingly run the errand of the Jews.

The problem to us all is of course that the vast majority even of Europeans are if not idiots, then at least «not very bright». They easily fall for the lies of the Jews and their useful idiots. Today the worst threat to Europe is perhaps not the anti-racists or Christians or other internationalists, but the nationalists who fail to direct their attention to where it belongs. Thousands of Europeans already waste their energy and time fighting an enemy that is not even of secondary importance; they fight the Muslims. Worst of all; they do this alongside the Jews, as their allies. So they have joined the main problem and are in effect fighting for them; because the Muslim problem is really a waste of time if not the Jewish problem is solved first! The Muslims are like the water dripping from the roof, but the Jews are the reason it is leaking in the first place. It has no purpose whatsoever trying to clean up inside the house until after the roof has been fixed. Fighting Islam in Europe at this point would be a Sisyfus task of proportions, because the Jews ensure that new enemies flood into our Europe all the time. Every Muslim «thrown out» will be replaced by two new ones, by Jews.

Nationalists who fight with the Jews against Islam are possibly the worst threat because they recruit many of the Europeans who otherwise would have fought against the real threat to Europe, namely the Jews.

It is easy to see the crimes of the Muslims; they do rape our women, they do rob us, they do steal from us, they do reproduce like rabbits, but this is like a drop in the ocean compared to what the Jews do; they rape our children, they rape our women too (not least in the Jewish-dominated porn and prostitution industry) they use our legal institutions (banks) to rob and steal from us, they reproduce like rats, but they do so much more too; in addition to this they poison us (with preservatives and other shit in our food), they poisen our minds (with entertainment, with the education system, with «art» etc.), they destroy our culture (by promoting Christianity, Socialism and other forms of internationalism), they destroy our morals (by promoting «tolerance»), they destroy our race (by promoting race-mixing) and so forth. Besides, they are the ones who directly or indirectly let the Muslims into Europe in the first place, and they will continue to do so until we have been destroyed. That is; until Europe has become a slave colony for Israel. They are – with their greed, their genetically modified food industry and their nuclear weapons – a direct threat to all human life on this planet! They don’t have a common goal or plan, but they act this way because the need to corrupt, destroy, soil and break others is in their putrid Jew-blood. They are a race of criminals; of petty, rotten, cruel, filthy, ugly, revolting, hateful, sinister, malevolent, evil mongrels. They are the closest we get to a real Satanic presence on Earth. When their true nature is revealed in a society that society has always destroyed the Jews and their influence in society; this is the why the Jews have been persecuted throughout history, wherever they came; their true nature was unveiled, and they were rightfully persectued because of that. Those who didn’t remove the Jews were themselves destroyed by them – by this cancer of mankind. They are parasites, and they feed on and unless destroyed themselves they eventually destroy their hosts – and move on to feed on a new host when they do.

To first of all fight the Muslims in Europe is suicide, that is what the Jews want; they want a European ally against the Muslims, who threaten to take over Israel itself, and they want to weaken both of us by letting us pound upon each other while they move about in the shadows and secure their power behind our backs!

But of course we too are open to the fact that the Muslims too are a threat, and they will be dealt with, but not until after the main enemy has been dealt with. Our ship is sinking and we need to repair the hull before we start to worry about the broken mast or rudder – or whether or not we need to re-paint the deck. Doing any superficial repairs or improvements of any sort is folly; we must first of all save our ship from sinking!

The Muslims are no real threat; we have dealt with them and their attacks on Europe before. They stand no chance against us! That is the why they have resorted to the strategy of mass-immigration and a «conquer by numbers» in the first place; they stand no chance whatsoever to win a war against us. However, it is only the power of the Jews in Europe that allow them to pursue this strategy; the Jews and their lackeys protect them; they import them and they let them reproduce like rabbits – while the Jews at the same time pretend they too fight Islam in Europe. They don’t; they (and their allies, the Ottoman Turks) are the only reason Islam is in Europe in the first place.

If all of Europe’s nationalists realise this and unite against the real threat to Europe we will win in no time, and the Muslims too will be forced out of Europe.

Sorry for writing about a dark subject like this, but I just have to say this. Apparently over and over again, and I will probably be forced to continue to do so until there are no Jews or Muslims left in Europe – and no traitor Europeans who in any way help or support them. We cannot allow the Jews to infiltrate and take over the only potential rescue from their yoke. We must expose the Jew to all our countrymen! Write his name and draw his picture on all walls in Europe; THE JEW IS THE MAIN ENEMY OF EUROPE! All our other enemies are only results of the work of the Jew.

HailaR WôðanaR!

The Jewish enemy;


Original text by V. V.

Fornstora dagar


My wife sent me a link to a French newspaper today with a story about how politicians in Sweden plan to make it illegal for men to urinate standing up. I kid you not! They do it for the sake of «gender equality» of course, and they claim it is more hygienical. They have also, for one year now, replaced the male and female personal pronouns with a new neutral pronoun, to reduce sexual discrimination – and force the kids in Swedish schools to use it consequently. Yes, they no longer say «him» or «her», but somthing like «hir» or «hem». In Swedish this means «han» and «hon» has been replaced by «hen».

Naturally the French are shocked by this and don’t really believe that it can be true. It is just too insane! But as a man grown up mostly in Norway I know that it probably is true. The Scandinavian countries have been attacked so extremely hard by the Jews after 1945 that the rest of the world would be shocked if they knew the situation.

In Norway, when Marie had our second boy, we received some offical Norwegian documents that had to be signed by «the mother, the co-mother or possibly (No. eventuelt) the father». The co-mother, you might wonder? Yes, that is the wife of the lesbian mother of the child… and she was listed before and above the father of the child.

Norway is in deep shit, but if you can believe it; Sweden is even worse off. It is probably the most destroyed country in the world! Not only by mass immigration, but also by fanatic over-the-top insane feminism. Men forced to sit down to take a leak? A neutral personal pronoun? What is that if not absolute madness?

Yes, you are right; they have really lost their minds there. A thick fog of absolute madness covers the entire nation of Sweden, and it is produced and fed by the thousands of beastly Jews living there. H. P. Lovecraft would have been too afraid to write about the horrors that you will find under that dark fog. Cthulu himself would have run away in fear…

The Absolute Evil that lurks in the Shadows in Sweden;

1292805378612  tumblr_m9s8hgIF3D1rthdx3o1_400

They have gone so far in Sweden in particular that I would not be surprised if we soon could read about how Barbara Specter was travelling from house to house to cut off the balls of all Swedish men, to make them truly equal to the women there. Reproduction would have been solved by only allowing adoption of non-Europeans and by importing more Afro-Asian immigrants… The Jewish final solution to «the European problem».

But…. I can hear the screams of the still thinking Swedes; they are still there, somewhere under the dark foreboding fog! We can hear them in the background of the intense singing of «The International» by the brainwashed masses. The thinking Swedes are many, and yes; they suffer! They truly suffer. They live in a world that makes Orwell’s1984 look like a Utopia.

And I would know: I am Norwegian myself, and Norway is not much better. I know that this sounds a bit crazy, but when I was imprisoned in 1993 and was removed from the Soviet society in Norway it was a great relief; I was completely isolated from the rest of the «Norwegian» society 24 hours a day for 6 months. They gave me food through a hatch in the door, most of the time by putting some dry bread in a plastic bag and just throwing it in, before shutting the hatch with a loud noise. Ah! What a relief! No more insanse Soviet propaganda, no more suffocating feminism, no more anti-European hatred. It was a relief! I could breathe! I could think clearly! I was free! Sure, I ate dry bread and dinners not suitable for dogs every single day, but my mind got some rest, for sure. Ah. What a relief… (and they had a prison library, so…)

France is no Heaven on Earth either, but the same feeling overtook me when I moved from Norway to France. No more female state officials who tried to make us vaccinate out children, no more left-wing extremism pushed into our faces on a daily basis. In France your privacy is very much respected. In Soviet Norway it is not. In Soviet Sweden there is probably no privacy at all anymore, I can imagine. Not when they even try to decide how you are to take a piss. «You stand when you urinate?! Ahhrrr! You woman hater! You right wing extremist! You must go to re-education facility #2371921 for ten years. Go speak with doctor Goldstein!»

The walking dead – i. e. the programmed – Scandinavians don’t see the madness, because they think that this is how it is supposed to be like. Alas! They are long lost. R. I. P.

To those Swedes still alive, to those still able to inhale and exhale without having some state official telling them when to, we should encourage them a bit. Let us remind them of the Sweden that once was! If they remember – or perhaps; for the first time get to know of – the Heroes of Sweden, the Great Men (yes; MEN as in «male human beings»), the Greatness of Sweden, then perhaps this will keep their flame burning long enough for Sweden to survive this ordeal.

Let us make this «Say-Something-Positive-about-Sweden-to-a-Swede» day; if you know a Swede send him or her an encouraging mail. Tell him or her (not «hir» or «hem» I must stress) somethingpositive about Sweden, Swedish culture and Swedes! I think they might need it. More than anyone on this planet; they need encouragement!

History is one thing, but I can tell that emotionally many (most?) Norwegians think very highly of Swedes; we are envious of their impressive technological and medical achievements, we secretly think that they have even more beautiful women than we do ourselves, we think their language is the most beautiful on this planet, we know that Norway became rich because of petroleum alone, but Sweden because of the intelligence, hard work and honesty of the Swedish people. I personally even know better the Swedish natonial anthem than the Norwegian one, because it is so much better and more beautiful. In fact, I know it by heart and often sing it to my children, here in France. If someone asked me to picture myself a Heaven on Earth I would think of the Swedish countryside in the 1950ies. It hurts to know that the Sweden I adore, admire and even love is gone. I hope it will come back one day; like Spring after a long and cold Winter. I hope you – we! – will bring it back one day.

Dear Swedes; remember your glorious past, and know that Sweden can have a glorious future too, if only you remember your past: conserve what is Swedish and bring it with you into the future. Underground and in secret if you have to. Resist!

HailaR WôðanaR! 

Original text by V. V.

The Art of Enlightenment

Art, originally invented by Europeans – some 40,000 years ago – was most likely invented to compensate for the lack of beauty in a world that by then had become more mongrelized. So it was a way to show the divine to the now more mongrelized European man, who no longer was a pure Neanderthal, and thus was no longer able to perceive the divine harmony of the universe.

Art was at its peak in the Classical Antiquity, but then – alas! – the Jews successfully Christianized Europe, and the quality of European art suffered no less than the rest of Europe, and not until the Pagan ideals had a renaissance, from anno 1350 an onwards, did the quality of art begin to rise again.

In the 1930ies most art had become just what it is today; pure perversities. Therefore e. g. Germany tried to stop this trend and re-introduce art as it was supposed to be like. They removed theEntartete Kunst (“degenerate art”) all over Germany; they burned pornographic and other sick literature, they smashed degenerate sculptures and did their best to purify Germany and ensure the mental health and sanity of the German people by doing so. Yes, to all those who think the “Nazis” burned books; they did indeed, but not just any books and certainly not all books. They only burned the filth! At the same time they produced healthysane and goodliterature. Germany was not anti-intellectual! It was only anti-perversities, so to speak. Anti-Jewish. And rightfully so.

As we know art is and has since 1789 (the Jewish revolution in France, that left France with a broken back and the Jews the ability to become citizens and gain real influence in society) been viciously used to promote the downfall of Europe; real and artificial Jews, from the moment they were allowed to, have produce art with the intent to perverse, to spit upon, to destroy, to soil, to twist and to degrade everything European. They hate Europe (and everything European), so by all means they possess they do their best to destroy it. Art is to them but a weapon to achieve this.

An educated people can easily be governed”. Frederick the Great.

Many of you are artists, or at least aspire to become artists, so my plea to you is to revolt against this: drop any and all forms of art education, because today this is only a means by Jews to ensure that you too become a sick artist producing sick art only. Our universities have become like synagogues, the professors and the other lecturers too like rabbis. Stay away from them!

Make sure you only produce art that promotes the good, healthy, strong and honourable in man! Promote only Europe! To do so youmust educate yourself, and reject any and all Jewish influence. True art comes not from knowledge or taught skills, but from you; from your own mind and spirit!

We can and must use art to promote Europe, and if we do it will be an important factor in the preservation of Europe as a European entity. This alone will not save Europe, but nor will any other factor alone save Europe. We must use all the legal means we have available to combat the sinister (real or artificial) Jews and to revive and preserve the true Europe; the good, honest, honourable, homogeneous and of course Pagan Europe!

The highest result of education is tolerance.” Helen Keller.

Artists across Europe can contribute to the European victory, and should by all means do so! That is the responsibility of the European artist; to promote the divine harmony of Europe! HailaR WôðanaR!

The French King Louis IX wisely ordered the burning of the Talmud in 1242.


The National Socialists wisely ordered the burning of the Talmud and other equally poisonous books in the 1930ies. 




Original text by V. V.



For as long as I can remember I have been what I like to think of as a romantic. A classic romantic, dreaming of performing acts of heroism. There were no princesses to save from trolls or dragons any more (…!?), but I did have a faint hope that I would at least get the chance to rescue someone from certain death in some other context. I was even hoping that someone would be in need of help, like being caught off guard in front of a bus, just to give me the opportunity to jump out in front of the bus and push them out of harm’s way. My own death was not a necessary part of these heroic plans, but I never cared too much for my own safety. Children caught in wild streams, car crashes, air planes on fire, maidens being harassed, whatever; I was ready to act! Now, I did feel a bit bad for actually hoping that others would be in need of help, but how can anybody become a hero if there is no one in distress? These silly, naive and romantic dreams never really disappeared. I am still that fool hoping for an opportunity to help others in dire need of help – the more the merrier. In fact, I think that most European men are – if they are honest enough to admit it – just like me in this context. The self-sacrificial heroic mentality is deeply rooted in our psyche. It is actually a rather typical expression of the European spirit.


On Friday there was a train accident in a Parisian suburb (i. e. an area populated mostly by immigrants), and several individuals were killed and many were wounded. Some were even decapitated in the accident, I guess by flying debris. My wife told me about this, and I responded by saying to her that I didn’t believe it was an accident. I was sure it had happened because of sabotage. The cause of the accident was listed as due to high temperatures in Paris (?). Right… Yesterday evening the French (“French” as in Jewish) media reported that “youth” (i. e. immigrant youth) were throwing rocks at the firemen who came to help the many wounded.

Today the emergency personnel has gone out public and stated that the “youth” had been waiting there when the train crashed, and had then started to rob the wounded and dead passengers when it crashed. They had thrown rocks at the firemen, the ambulance personnel and the police to keep them from aiding the wounded, because they had not yet finished robbing them. There were more to loot, apparently.

The “French” president, the Jew Mr. Hollande, and his Socialist government describe the reports of robbery (told by the emergency personnel at the scene!) as “rumours” and as descriptions of “isolated incidents”. They also seem to fail completely to admit or even contemplate that perhaps the train crashed because somebody wanted it to crash, and actually did something to make it derail and crash. Like e. g. the gang of “youths” standing nearby ready to rob the passengers when it did.



Now, had any European attacked these looters, like e. g. I for sure would have done had I been there, to make sure the emergency personnel could assist the victims, what do you think would have happened to him? Yes, the looters would have, by the Jewish media, been described as “immigrants running to the crash site to help the wounded”, and the European attacking them would have been an “evil racist Nazi thug”, and he would have ended up in jail, possibly for the rest of his life, for “hate crime“.

This is the Europe our parent generation has left us and our children with. We have no protection from the law, but the law does prevent us from protecting ourselves. We have a government who not only imports criminal non-European scumen masse, but who also lies to us about the consequences of this. “Our” media is no better than the media in North Korea, and serves only their Jewish masters in government, and deliberately ignores, hides or explains away the truth. Their sole purpose is to spread anti-European propaganda and to cover up reality.

I am so angry, and I have been the whole day, and I just don’t understand why Europe doesn’t revolt against this. What do they have to lose? They have already lost the protection of the law, the freedom of speech; they are already living like slaves, working not for their own interests but for Jewish-owned banks and Jewish stock holders; the elections are obviously rigged, so there is no political solution in sight, and even if the elections weren’t rigged the media is under Jewish control, so there is no hope for any real political alternative. They have already lost their safety; they are being robbed before or even rather than being helped when they are injured, their daughters are routinely sexually harassed and run a serious risk of being gang raped by immigrants (an estimated 25% of all Swedish girls born today will be raped during their lives), their sons are routinely harassed and beaten, and even stabbed in the streets by gangs of immigrants, and so forth. What will it take for them to say stop and to take action to change the situation? If we don’t we will all be killed, one after the other, and each and every one of us.

Yes, you see; that is what they want! To exterminate Europe, lock, stock and barrel. They hate us! There is nothing they hate more than Europe and everything European, and they want it all gone – and they have been working for thousands of years already to ensure that this will happen. It must stop; we must take actions to end this. Before it is too late.

Hermann calling the Germans to Arms;


For obvious reasons I will not encourage anybody to take any illegal actions to end the European genocide, but there is much you can do that is not yet illegal. Be smart about this, and never give them an excuse to tighten the screw even more. I will suggest that you first of all take action to expose them and their lies to as many as possible – like I do here, but also like you can do elsewhere; in public, in private and in so many ways. You can e. g. make “DestroyZionism.Com” and “ThuleanPerspective.Com” stickers and put them on your car, tell the truth in all possible contexts to as many as you can. Make leaflets and put them in mail boxes in your area. Write “DestroyZionism.Com” or “ThuleanPerspective.Com” on walls. Whatever. Everything helps. Rivers are made from tiny drops of water! Let us together make a river of Truth! Let is wash away their lies and clean the mind of Europe! Let it wash away all liars and traitors, and drown the beast once and for all! HailaR WôðanaR!

Our coward Parent Generation doing what They have always done;



Original text by V. V.

The Effete


In Christianity you will find bits stolen from Mithraism, a few bits from the Babylonian religion, a religion based on the Sumerian Religion. Of course there is much taken from the Egyptian religion, and also a lot from Hinduism. Or so we are supposed to believe anyhow…


Christianity began as a purely Jewish sect. It was a Jewish religion created solely for the purpose of destroying the Roman Empire,their main enemy at that time (and was later extended to be used against all of Europe). For this reason Christianity was banned, but they faced strong resistance everywhere in Europe for other reasons as well. In fact they faced so much resistance that they had to modify their weapon, Christianity, on the way in order for them to stand any chance whatsoever of using it in the Roman Empire. The Romans refused to let go of their own religious ideas, and perhaps they were not even able to, because it was in their blood, so with time more and more of the Roman (i. e. European) religion was incorporated into Christianity. This was something they had to do in order for the Romans to accept it in the first place! Because of this Christianity did indeed with time spread out across the Roman Empire, and contributed to its fall too, but it was by then not as Jewish or effective as first intended. All the High Festivals in Christianity were already by then European; every single one of them, only the contents had been modified a bit! The anti-Roman terrorist Jesus was not what he originally had been intended to be, but instead he resembled the European solar deity of eternal return. «God» looked more like the European Sky God than the sinister Hebrew Jehovah, and the whore Mary had turned into the caring and loving European Mother Earth Goddess. The morals and ethics were European, the symbolism too, the traditions as well, and at the end of the day Christianity had turned into what was basically just a Jewish faith with almost only European content.

Heimdallr/Cronos/Saturnus/Amaethon/Dashdebog/Byelobog as “Saint Nicolas”.


So the reason we find similarities in Christianity and Mithraism, the Babylonian religion, the Egyptian religion and Hinduism, is not that they have influenced Christianity, but the fact that the European religion is the main influence or even the foundation forall these faiths! When they too are originally European, or heavily influenced by the European religion, and/or based on the European religion, then why would they not be similar to the Europeanized Jewish weapon that we today call Christianity?

We all know of Catholicism, of the Greek-Russian Orthodox faith and of the different forms of Protestantism, but other forms of Christianity too spread out across the Europe, each adopted to local European customs, where they were being used to destroy European culture. They were different because different aspects of the European religion were kept in the different parts of Europe. The Jewish weapon turned into also CatharismBogomilism,Celtic-ChristianityGnosticismCoptic Christianity, and I am sure dozens of other variants too, shaped by local customs, to be better promoted and spread in that particular area by the Jews. As we know not all of these types of Christianity survived, though, for different reasons.

By the time Christianity had reached Northern Europe it was so stripped of its Jewish content, and was so stuffed with European content, that it did not at all have the negative effect the Jews wanted it to have. So they figured they had to do something about this, and set out to change Christianity back to what it was supposed to be; a Jewish weapon designed to destroy European culture. One of their unknowing and certainly unwilling puppets, Martin Luther (who ironically believed himself to be very anti-Jewish), was instrumental in this, and managed to remove an incredible amount of European content from Catholicism. The result was, as we all know, Protestantism; a Christianity almost void of European content. Only the Judaism is left completely intact. The European religion is barely there any more.

Now, any Catholic readers might wallow in this information, and say “yes!”, and Northern Europe might not be too happy about this, but don’t be too happy yet and bear with me. You see, there was a very fortunate side-effect of this too. When they removed so many European elements from Catholicism they ended up with a religion, Protestantism, that was very unappealing to most Northern Europeans. Aha! And this naturally also explains why Northern Europe today, some hundred years later, is hopelessly a-religious! We are indeed supposed to be Protestants, but the vast majority of us feel no connection with that sorry excuse for a religionwhatsoever. Why would we, when the European elements were so efficiently removed by Martin Luther and his idiot helpers?

The Jews, using Martin Luther and other fools, removed the elements that kept the religion from being cast aside as nonsense in the first place; and when they did the Northern Europeans naturally cast the religion aside fairly quickly. So today Northern Europe is almost completely free from Christianity. Hardly anybody in Northern Europe cares for Protestantism, hardly anybody there goes to church ever – usually they only visit a church three times in life; when they are baptised, when they marry and when they are to be buried, and today even that is not so usual. Only a small minority in so-called Protestant countries even believe in the Hebrew “God”.

The problem with this is that the death of Christianity, and first of all the death of Protestantism, (that we will see here in Europe very soon, probably within one or at least a few generations), has created a religious void in particular in the so-called Protestant countries, and this void is being filled by Jews, with Marxist atheism and other forms of nihilism, with “humanism”, with New Age and Wicca nonsense, Hippie-Paganism and everything and anything that is notEuropean. They are still doing their best to destroy Europe. They are still using Christianity as a means to achieve this, but when they lose their main weapon they will of course make use of their other weapons. Now, when there is a void we can also step in and make sure we fill that void with the European religion!

Zealots (no, you are not welcome back to Europe. We threw you out for a reason);


We will soon have defeated Christianity in Europe (but probably not in the USA, a nation made up mainly [but thankfully not exclusively] of religious zealots, whose forefathers were literally chased away from or thrown out of Europe, for their religious fanaticism), but for sure the fight is not over. The Jewish weed has entered our garden through other cracks too. We are the gardeners. Let us do our job properly and turn our garden into a European Paradise again – and let us plant only our European flowers from now on. HailaR WôðanaR!

A Real Case against the Jews” by Marcus Eli Ravage! 


Original text by V. V.

The European Mind, Spirit & Blood


Tolerance is only weakness and ignorance and a tool promoted by Jews to destroy Europe. So I am not a tolerant person, and I don’t think the future Europe should be either. We are kind by nature, but we should let intolerance guide us rather than kindness when we are to decide who shall stay and who shall not, in the New Europe. We must be merciless and efficient in our weeding out of artificial Jews and mongrels amongst us – if not it will not take long before we sink into another reeking bog.

What I mean when I say «artificial Jew» is «a man of European race with a Jewish mind and spirit». In other words any Free Mason, Christian, Socialist/Communist/Social Democrat, Capitalist, Liberal, Feminist, Nihilist/Atheist and Muslim. Therefore I say that to be European in mind and spirit you need to have a European world view and European values – and yes; European means Pagan! You need to base your life on a concept of Honour! The only religion a European can have is the European ancestral cult, and he must swear allegiance to the deities of our forebears!

What I mean when I say «mongrels amongst us» is «a man who believes he is European, but who is actually so race mixed that he can no longer be defined as a part of the European species». Therefore I say that to be defined as beingEuropean by blood you have to actually be European too. What does that mean? Well, it means that you look European, and don’t have any non-Europeans in your family the last few hundred years. If there is any doubt whatsoever regarding whether or not you are European then you probably aren’t. E. g. many (yes, not all or even most, but many!) Iberians, South Italians and Greeks are not Europeans by blood (they are closer to Arabs than they are to other Europeans!), and the same can be said about some from other European nations too.

The only Europe with a future is a Europe with a European population, in mind, spirit and blood. Those who are not are nottrue Europeans! They are artificial Jews and/or mongrels. HailaR TîwaR!

Examples of Europeans by blood

17mai_578682a2272287-Polish_folk_dancers_Corkred_pres_vejdeland1Midsommardansah-1923-colorized-1images (7)images (6)assurance_happy_family_sunshineimages (1)Ek WargaRBulgariaDressstock-photo-young-european-girl-baking-bread-637392

Examples of mongrels who only think they are Europeans by blood:


Original text by V. V.

Christianos ad leonem!


Christianity is not what it used to be. Yes, let us take a look at the roots of Christianity and how Christianity was like in the first few centuries of its existence.

Let us first find out why the early Christians were persecuted by the Romans. As most of you probably know already all the early Christians were Jews. It was a purely Jewish sect. To many this might not say much, but when we hear the reasons the Romans had for persecuting them a light should go on for everyone; they were accused of incest, of performing child sacrifices, of cannibalism and other outrageous crimes.

As some of us know incest of the most revolting paedophile kind is even today a surprisingly common practise amongst Jews, and it is even legalized and argued for in their religious texts – in particular in the Talmud. (Go to Destroy Zionism for more on that, if you need more evidence.)

Murdering children has also for a long time been a common practise amongst Jews. Some claim they still do, but evidence suggest they only did this for about 3.000 years of their shameful history. In order to become a Jew, to be accepted as a Jew (to become one of the “chosen” people), the aspiring Jews had to stone to death an innocent child. Those who refused to do so where themselves guilty of blasphemy, which of course meant that they would be stoned to death themselves. A rather humorous description of how this was done in practise can be found in Life of Brian. Note that even though the Monty Python team turns this into a joke, they base this on real historical evidence, and the same evidence show that they did this to innocent children too. You can best understand this in the light of what modern criminal biker gangs do; they demand that prospects commit serious crimes to become a member; if the prospects do they will have him “by his balls”, so to speak, meaning that if he betrays them he will go down too. The Jewish sect was a criminal sect (as seen from their operations in the Roman Empire as well as in Ancient Egypt), and they practised a form of this “initiation ritual” – and for 3.000 years stoned innocent children to death to become accepted as true members.

When it comes to the cannibalism accusation this, perhaps to the surprise of at least most of us, is actually not just made-up nonsense either. From The Hidden Mysteries we can read that;

In Antiquities of Mexico, Lord Kingsborough writes: “In nothing did the Mexicans more resemble the Jews than in the multitude of their sacrifices…”. “It was customary amongst the Jews to eat a portion of the flesh of sacrifices, and to burn the rest; and Peter Martyr in allusion to that custom says in the fourth chapter in his fifth Decad, that, “As the Jews sometimes eate [sic] the lambs which were sacrificed by the old law, so do they eat mans [sic] flesh, casting only away the hands, feet, and bowels.”

Kingsborough also says: “All the Spanish authors agree that no suffering from famine could induce the Mexicans, when closely besieged by Cortes, to eat the flesh of their country men who had been killed: whence it must be inferred that they only ate the flesh of sacrificed and devoted victims. The Jews were less able to withstand the torments of hunger.”

Ancient Jews were known to practise cannibalism, to the extent that they have been called “horrible cannibals” by the eminent Christian scholar Lord Kingsborough.

Further, we know that Jon D. Levenson, Susan Nidditch and Susan Ackerman (all Jews themselves!) have stated that at least some (ancient) Israelites believed that child sacrifice was a legitimate part of Judaism.

images (2)

So it is not at all unlikely that the accusations made against the early Christians, of incest, cannibalism and child sacrifice, were not just invented by the Romans to give them an excuse to persecute them. They most likely persecuted the early Christians because they had all the reasons to do so! Because these Christian Jews really were incestuous child sacrificing cannibals!

The Pagan rites that today is so rife in Christianity were not included until much later, when different Europeans were duped into joining that revolting cult of Jesus. In the beginning they didn’t even have Christmas! It was originally an all-Jewish sect! When the different peoples of Europe had this primitive and backward hate cult forced down their throats, by threat of death and torture, they refused to give up their Pagan customs, and no matter what the different popes and other mostly Jewish lunatics did over the years they never successfully managed to make even the Christianized Europeans drop (all) their Pagan traditions.

The Romans initially dealt with the early Christians in the most sensible manner; e. g. the honourable Emperor Marcus Aurelius ordered the decapitation of all Roman Christians, the burning of all non-Roman Christians and all Christian slaves were to be thrown to the lions. Yes, the horrible Christian Jews faced a real Holocaust… and of course for a good reason. As always.

You might wonder how the Pagan Rome eventually became Christianized, and I am no less baffled by this than you are, but we can only assume that the pack of rats known to us as Christian Jews must have behaved in a manner very similar to the Jews of today, who e. g. in just over 200 years have managed to turn the entire European continent into a feminist brothel, drowning in degeneracy, depravity and other Jewish specialities. (Alas! If only the French Noblemen had suppressed that Jewish-lead and Jewish-instigated revolt in France in 1789…)

I am sure the Jews are very disappointed in the fact that Europe’s Christians are really not at all what the Jews intended them to be. They don’t stone to death children. They don’t normally rape their children (although quite a lot of priests do). Nor do they eat the flesh of other human beings. Such a shame…

No, the European Christians are still rather Pagan; they still practise the Pagan rites, albeit with a Christian content, they still are mostly decent, kind and lawful human beings. And the biggest failure of all; they can still at any time drop that crucifix in the gutter where it belongs and pick up the hammer of Þôrr! And if they don’t, their children are even likely to do so – because Europe is waking up and see a wave of Pagan enlightenment all over the entire continent, banishing the Jewish darkness of Christianity. We have our 2nd Renaissance as we speak, and this time we will go all the way and return our deities, heroes and heroines to where they belong! HailaR WôðanaR!

And how to deal with the “early Christians”? You know already..

A Pagan Roman Hero of Europe; Marcus Aurelius.

383px-Marcus_Aurelius_Glyptothek_Munich L'Image_et_le_Pouvoir_-_Buste_cuirassé_de_Marc_Aurèle_agé_-_3


Original text by V. V.


For many years I have pointed fingers at a certain generation for the downfall of Europe, and have seen that others do too. Today I saw in a coment that our dear Duncan linked to the photo below. The content in the text is so true and important that it deserves a post of its own;


Thank you very much Duncan for sharing this with us. You are a valuable resource to our cause for sure. HailaR WôðanaR!


Original text by V. V.