Oppressed Women


Some claim that women are easier duped then men, and I am sorry to say that I think that’s actually right, and that’s the why they are in fact more oppressed now than they were before; that is also the reason why about 9 out of 10 “right wing extremists” are men. Only about 1 out of 10 such individuals are women. Or at least that’s the impression we get from our own movement. Why is that so when certainly it’s the women who have the most to lose? They are suffering more from this “multi-cultural” feminist Jew-yoke than men are. Why are they eagerly marching side by side with those who destroy their families, their opportunities in life, their hopes and dreams and even themselves?

The enemy has naturally been able to identify our weakness and has exploited this weakness massively the last few centuries. The destruction of Europe has been sought through the destruction of our women. They are – whether we like to admit this or not – more easily duped than men are, and they are actually very easily manipulated by means of flattery. The Jews told our women that they deserved better, that they too could do the work of men, that they should not waste their lives raising children, that they had the right to have a career and real power in society and so forth. The women agreed, because they were flattered; in reality they were being told lies!

Today the traditional role of women has been stepped upon and spit upon and ridiculed by (real as well as artificial) Jews to such a degree that hardly any European woman (at least openly) thinks highly of it. It is almost on the same level as that of slavery. “Those poor women were mere slaves to their men”. The result is naturally that European women suppress their own motherly instincts and rarely even want children, and if they get children they commonly only have one or two, because they don’t want their “oh-so-important” careers (as a hair dresser, a secretary or a cashier or something like that) to suffer. Actually, often they cannot evenafford to have more than one or possibly two children, because of the society the women have created for themselves with their embrace of feminism. They have exchanged their good, useful and traditional role of women with actual slavery – so cruel it doesn’t even allow them to have children! Not even slaves were treated that badly in the past!

So, most women today are slaves to Jewish bankers, they don’t produce children, they don’t raise their children and they are not even free to have as many children they like to – if they can even afford to have one. That’s one of the fruits of feminism.

Naturally, the women have been flattered into entering politics as well, where they are easily manipulated by the enemies of Europe, and where their participation accelerate the destruction of Europe; mainly because of their inability to let reason dominate their lives. Yes, women are to a much larger degree than men dominated by their emotions. Again; this is true whether or not we like it to be. Women are built that way, because their role in nature is to care for and protect sweet, young, innocent and vulnerable children. Almost only women care when they see some starving Negro child on some propaganda poster, so to speak. Most men really don’t give a shit. If they do it’s only because they have been so feminized by the sick society they grow up in that they have almost been turned into women themselves. What this means is that by having women in politics our enemies managed to make European countries accept mass immigration of “poor”, “suffering”, and “starving” Africans and Asians. “We have to help these poor people!” Their mother instinct was used by our enemies to facilitate the destruction of Europe.

Again it’s mainly the women who suffer from this; they are the ones being raped in the streets, being beaten by their immigrant husbands, being harassed by immigrants for looking like cheap prostitutes in the streets and so forth. Men suffer too, but not nearly as much as women.

That brings us to the next point in this post; how do women look? The Jewish-dominated fashion industry is propagating a beauty ideal that is not only Negro and ugly, but also one that actually makes our women infertile! Even if they wanted to these skinny model women would not even have been able to have children; they are in fact infertile! Again, this serves the Jewish cause; this too helps destroy Europe! And this is of course the why they promote this “beauty” ideal in the first place. Our women fall for this because they are flattered; “Oh, you are so beautiful with those skinny legs and that short hair”. No they are not; they look like a mix between feminine men and D&D skeletons. If women want to look their best they should first of all grow their hair long, and secondly do their best to look healthy. Every man on this planet prefers a woman with long hair to one with short hair! It’s that simple. The longer the hair the better. Why do you think it’s illegal for women to show their long hair in public in some non-European societies? Because it’s too attractive for the male semi-human animals in these societies to control themselves!

The final point I will discuss is education, and how women are duped into spending so much time studying at universities and elsewhere too. Not only will this turn them into debt slaves, because studying is expensive, but it’s main purpose is actually to brain-soil these women and to make sure they don’t marry and have children before it’s “hopefully” – too late for them (in which case they “ideally” adopt some half-ape instead). This is the place where the final flattery (i. e. manipulation) of women happens; the universities spew out all sorts of feminist propaganda. It has been interwoven into everything there! It is omnipresent wherever you turn your head, in every context, in every shadow and crack in the walls of thesesynagogues; feminism permeates the educational system! Everything revolves around how women have been viciously oppressed by evil men, by how good the (*hysh*, *hysh*; Jewish) feminists are, by how women contribute “positively” in society (by destroying it on behalf of the Jews), and so forth.

I think I just answered the next question; why are not more women involved in so-called “right-wing extremism”? They are the main focus of the Jewish propaganda, because they are our weak point, so to speak.

European children are our most important means to secure the survival and prosperous future for Europe, but how on Earth can we produce such children without traditional European women? Just like Sweden needs encouragement, I think we should all actively praise the traditional woman, her qualities, her effort and her role. We should express admiration for them whenever we meet or even hear about them! We should let them know how important they are to Europe, to society and not least to their own children. We should raise the traditional woman’s role as an ideal high above all other roles. Women should get to know just how much we admire the feminine, healthy, long-haired, well-dressed, moral woman! And we do! This is not only flattery; we really do! Unlike the Jews we mean what we say, and our motive for saying what we mean is not to destroy but to preserve Europe. HailaR WôðnaR! HailaR Fraujon!

PS. If you ever share photos of women on this blog make sure they are always of traditional and well-dressed European women! If they are, please do, and let our women know how we find them the most attractive! No silicone, no dyed hair, no falseness whatsoever. Only natural European women!

For more on this topic you can see this video too! 

Original text by V. V.

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