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My wife sent me a link to a French newspaper today with a story about how politicians in Sweden plan to make it illegal for men to urinate standing up. I kid you not! They do it for the sake of «gender equality» of course, and they claim it is more hygienical. They have also, for one year now, replaced the male and female personal pronouns with a new neutral pronoun, to reduce sexual discrimination – and force the kids in Swedish schools to use it consequently. Yes, they no longer say «him» or «her», but somthing like «hir» or «hem». In Swedish this means «han» and «hon» has been replaced by «hen».

Naturally the French are shocked by this and don’t really believe that it can be true. It is just too insane! But as a man grown up mostly in Norway I know that it probably is true. The Scandinavian countries have been attacked so extremely hard by the Jews after 1945 that the rest of the world would be shocked if they knew the situation.

In Norway, when Marie had our second boy, we received some offical Norwegian documents that had to be signed by «the mother, the co-mother or possibly (No. eventuelt) the father». The co-mother, you might wonder? Yes, that is the wife of the lesbian mother of the child… and she was listed before and above the father of the child.

Norway is in deep shit, but if you can believe it; Sweden is even worse off. It is probably the most destroyed country in the world! Not only by mass immigration, but also by fanatic over-the-top insane feminism. Men forced to sit down to take a leak? A neutral personal pronoun? What is that if not absolute madness?

Yes, you are right; they have really lost their minds there. A thick fog of absolute madness covers the entire nation of Sweden, and it is produced and fed by the thousands of beastly Jews living there. H. P. Lovecraft would have been too afraid to write about the horrors that you will find under that dark fog. Cthulu himself would have run away in fear…

The Absolute Evil that lurks in the Shadows in Sweden;

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They have gone so far in Sweden in particular that I would not be surprised if we soon could read about how Barbara Specter was travelling from house to house to cut off the balls of all Swedish men, to make them truly equal to the women there. Reproduction would have been solved by only allowing adoption of non-Europeans and by importing more Afro-Asian immigrants… The Jewish final solution to «the European problem».

But…. I can hear the screams of the still thinking Swedes; they are still there, somewhere under the dark foreboding fog! We can hear them in the background of the intense singing of «The International» by the brainwashed masses. The thinking Swedes are many, and yes; they suffer! They truly suffer. They live in a world that makes Orwell’s1984 look like a Utopia.

And I would know: I am Norwegian myself, and Norway is not much better. I know that this sounds a bit crazy, but when I was imprisoned in 1993 and was removed from the Soviet society in Norway it was a great relief; I was completely isolated from the rest of the «Norwegian» society 24 hours a day for 6 months. They gave me food through a hatch in the door, most of the time by putting some dry bread in a plastic bag and just throwing it in, before shutting the hatch with a loud noise. Ah! What a relief! No more insanse Soviet propaganda, no more suffocating feminism, no more anti-European hatred. It was a relief! I could breathe! I could think clearly! I was free! Sure, I ate dry bread and dinners not suitable for dogs every single day, but my mind got some rest, for sure. Ah. What a relief… (and they had a prison library, so…)

France is no Heaven on Earth either, but the same feeling overtook me when I moved from Norway to France. No more female state officials who tried to make us vaccinate out children, no more left-wing extremism pushed into our faces on a daily basis. In France your privacy is very much respected. In Soviet Norway it is not. In Soviet Sweden there is probably no privacy at all anymore, I can imagine. Not when they even try to decide how you are to take a piss. «You stand when you urinate?! Ahhrrr! You woman hater! You right wing extremist! You must go to re-education facility #2371921 for ten years. Go speak with doctor Goldstein!»

The walking dead – i. e. the programmed – Scandinavians don’t see the madness, because they think that this is how it is supposed to be like. Alas! They are long lost. R. I. P.

To those Swedes still alive, to those still able to inhale and exhale without having some state official telling them when to, we should encourage them a bit. Let us remind them of the Sweden that once was! If they remember – or perhaps; for the first time get to know of – the Heroes of Sweden, the Great Men (yes; MEN as in «male human beings»), the Greatness of Sweden, then perhaps this will keep their flame burning long enough for Sweden to survive this ordeal.

Let us make this «Say-Something-Positive-about-Sweden-to-a-Swede» day; if you know a Swede send him or her an encouraging mail. Tell him or her (not «hir» or «hem» I must stress) somethingpositive about Sweden, Swedish culture and Swedes! I think they might need it. More than anyone on this planet; they need encouragement!

History is one thing, but I can tell that emotionally many (most?) Norwegians think very highly of Swedes; we are envious of their impressive technological and medical achievements, we secretly think that they have even more beautiful women than we do ourselves, we think their language is the most beautiful on this planet, we know that Norway became rich because of petroleum alone, but Sweden because of the intelligence, hard work and honesty of the Swedish people. I personally even know better the Swedish natonial anthem than the Norwegian one, because it is so much better and more beautiful. In fact, I know it by heart and often sing it to my children, here in France. If someone asked me to picture myself a Heaven on Earth I would think of the Swedish countryside in the 1950ies. It hurts to know that the Sweden I adore, admire and even love is gone. I hope it will come back one day; like Spring after a long and cold Winter. I hope you – we! – will bring it back one day.

Dear Swedes; remember your glorious past, and know that Sweden can have a glorious future too, if only you remember your past: conserve what is Swedish and bring it with you into the future. Underground and in secret if you have to. Resist!

HailaR WôðanaR! 

Original text by V. V.

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