Crypto-Jews at large


Every now and then – I guess about once a week – I get an e-mail or a few comments from some pro-Jewish person claiming to be Pagan and European and with an ultra-nationalistic name. They all argue strongly in favour of allying with the Jews, because the Jews are «so good at fighting Islam already and we can learn so much from them», or because «the Muslims are the true enemy», and similar nonsense. They argue that it is Muslims who rape our women, who rob us, who steal from us, who reproduce like rabbits, and so forth – and no Jew is guilty of this «of course».

Naturally we already know that most of these pro-Jewish «Pagan Europeans» are in fact Jews themselves, so-called crypto-Jews, who try to infiltrate, influence and manipulate us, and the other half is made up of complete idiots and ignorant fools – who unknowingly or even knowingly run the errand of the Jews.

The problem to us all is of course that the vast majority even of Europeans are if not idiots, then at least «not very bright». They easily fall for the lies of the Jews and their useful idiots. Today the worst threat to Europe is perhaps not the anti-racists or Christians or other internationalists, but the nationalists who fail to direct their attention to where it belongs. Thousands of Europeans already waste their energy and time fighting an enemy that is not even of secondary importance; they fight the Muslims. Worst of all; they do this alongside the Jews, as their allies. So they have joined the main problem and are in effect fighting for them; because the Muslim problem is really a waste of time if not the Jewish problem is solved first! The Muslims are like the water dripping from the roof, but the Jews are the reason it is leaking in the first place. It has no purpose whatsoever trying to clean up inside the house until after the roof has been fixed. Fighting Islam in Europe at this point would be a Sisyfus task of proportions, because the Jews ensure that new enemies flood into our Europe all the time. Every Muslim «thrown out» will be replaced by two new ones, by Jews.

Nationalists who fight with the Jews against Islam are possibly the worst threat because they recruit many of the Europeans who otherwise would have fought against the real threat to Europe, namely the Jews.

It is easy to see the crimes of the Muslims; they do rape our women, they do rob us, they do steal from us, they do reproduce like rabbits, but this is like a drop in the ocean compared to what the Jews do; they rape our children, they rape our women too (not least in the Jewish-dominated porn and prostitution industry) they use our legal institutions (banks) to rob and steal from us, they reproduce like rats, but they do so much more too; in addition to this they poison us (with preservatives and other shit in our food), they poisen our minds (with entertainment, with the education system, with «art» etc.), they destroy our culture (by promoting Christianity, Socialism and other forms of internationalism), they destroy our morals (by promoting «tolerance»), they destroy our race (by promoting race-mixing) and so forth. Besides, they are the ones who directly or indirectly let the Muslims into Europe in the first place, and they will continue to do so until we have been destroyed. That is; until Europe has become a slave colony for Israel. They are – with their greed, their genetically modified food industry and their nuclear weapons – a direct threat to all human life on this planet! They don’t have a common goal or plan, but they act this way because the need to corrupt, destroy, soil and break others is in their putrid Jew-blood. They are a race of criminals; of petty, rotten, cruel, filthy, ugly, revolting, hateful, sinister, malevolent, evil mongrels. They are the closest we get to a real Satanic presence on Earth. When their true nature is revealed in a society that society has always destroyed the Jews and their influence in society; this is the why the Jews have been persecuted throughout history, wherever they came; their true nature was unveiled, and they were rightfully persectued because of that. Those who didn’t remove the Jews were themselves destroyed by them – by this cancer of mankind. They are parasites, and they feed on and unless destroyed themselves they eventually destroy their hosts – and move on to feed on a new host when they do.

To first of all fight the Muslims in Europe is suicide, that is what the Jews want; they want a European ally against the Muslims, who threaten to take over Israel itself, and they want to weaken both of us by letting us pound upon each other while they move about in the shadows and secure their power behind our backs!

But of course we too are open to the fact that the Muslims too are a threat, and they will be dealt with, but not until after the main enemy has been dealt with. Our ship is sinking and we need to repair the hull before we start to worry about the broken mast or rudder – or whether or not we need to re-paint the deck. Doing any superficial repairs or improvements of any sort is folly; we must first of all save our ship from sinking!

The Muslims are no real threat; we have dealt with them and their attacks on Europe before. They stand no chance against us! That is the why they have resorted to the strategy of mass-immigration and a «conquer by numbers» in the first place; they stand no chance whatsoever to win a war against us. However, it is only the power of the Jews in Europe that allow them to pursue this strategy; the Jews and their lackeys protect them; they import them and they let them reproduce like rabbits – while the Jews at the same time pretend they too fight Islam in Europe. They don’t; they (and their allies, the Ottoman Turks) are the only reason Islam is in Europe in the first place.

If all of Europe’s nationalists realise this and unite against the real threat to Europe we will win in no time, and the Muslims too will be forced out of Europe.

Sorry for writing about a dark subject like this, but I just have to say this. Apparently over and over again, and I will probably be forced to continue to do so until there are no Jews or Muslims left in Europe – and no traitor Europeans who in any way help or support them. We cannot allow the Jews to infiltrate and take over the only potential rescue from their yoke. We must expose the Jew to all our countrymen! Write his name and draw his picture on all walls in Europe; THE JEW IS THE MAIN ENEMY OF EUROPE! All our other enemies are only results of the work of the Jew.

HailaR WôðanaR!

The Jewish enemy;


Original text by V. V.

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  1. Those messengers are likely JIDF infiltrators trying to cause confusion and mislead loyalty to newcomers who are curious but are ill informed of the jew and who he/she is as a European.

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