Big trees grow from small seeds


Some of us like or even love children. Others dislike or even despise children and will go to great lengths to make sure there are no children around them at any time. No matter what we feel about children though, we all have to agree that European children is the most important and most valuable factor in the struggle to ensure the survival of Europe.

When we know this we need to know that blood is not all that matters in this context; we need to educate our children too! What good is it to have European children if they grow up under the influence of our enemies? What good are they to Europe if they too (like was the case for our parent generation) become brainwashed by the enemies of Europe?

The way to do this is first of all to make sure the mother stays home with the children when they are still children, and raise them herself. Letting a socialist extremist school system raise the children for us will do us no good; only exceptions (like us) emerge from that system with their minds intact. The majority become completely brainwashed – and of course that is the why they are there in the first place. The only way to educate good Europeans is by home-schooling, or “un-schooling”. The mother stays home with the children and educates them, like they did in the past. The man provides for the family and the mother educates the children. This is the traditional model, yes, and it is traditional because it worked; this is the natural and best way to do this!

At a later stage the father will become more directly involved and will start to teach them his trade and of course warrior skills and other things the mother cannot teach them. All men need to be warriors too, in case the king calls them for war (although girls and women too need such skills).

This sounds simple, and to some extent it is, but it really is very important that we reject the brainwashing institutions and preserve the European in our European children, so to speak. Home-schooled children don’t become junkies, they don’t become molested by older children or paedophiles, they don’t swear (the worst words my children know are “idiot” and “pole/staff” [and yes, “pole/staff” is not really a bad word, but it is some times used by my children to express frustration]), they don’t bully each other or become exposed to bullying, they need to spend much less time to learn anything than they would in school, they are less bored, the parents spend less time and fuel to bring and pick up the children from school, and so forth.

My 5,5-year-old can e. g. already reads both Norwegian and French, he already works with mathematics that you work with when you are 9 year-old in school, and he is incredibly knowledgeable and understand most processes in nature already.

Children in school live in micro-societies custom-made for children their age. So they never really socialise or at least work with individuals older than them. They never learn things intended for older children. They remain with the same group of individuals throughout their lives and thus actually remain rather immature and childish. Our 3,5 year old boy has been exposed to much less home-schooling, but he has been there when we – i. e. mostly my wife – have taught his older brother, so he too can actually already read French, and we haven’t even taught him that. He just learned this passively – because he lives in a micro-society that is not just made for individuals his age. He too is incredibly knowledgeable and knows all sorts of things that could not be expected from a boy his age, because he don’t spend most of his time socialising with children of his own age.

Our boys – in addition to receiving home-schooling – help us feed the hens and rabbits, they help us clean the cages, they collect eggs with us, they are there when I do minor repairs on the cars, when I change tyres, they join us when we walk the dog – on bikes, on foot or in a cart, they help us sow in the kitchen garden, they help us cook dinner, they go grocery shopping with us, they visit Stone Age caves with us, they visit Zoos with us (I don’t like Zoos…), they join us when we go to some archaeological site, they come with us to the market, they all come when the oldest one go pony riding, they join us when I take my wife to the rifle range, the oldest one join me when I run (often on a bike), and of course we do things only for them too, like take them to the playground, to the beach (where there is a playground), to see some ruin on a mountain top or whatever. They learn so much just by living and playing – and they do this when most other kids their age sit still on a chair and wait for the teacher to continue.

I don’t leave my precious children to the care of complete strangers whose main objective is to brainwash them and turn them into useful slaves for the banker Jews ruling this world. I work home, so if something happens I am there to protect them. They are my responsibility and I don’t leave them to be raised, educated, fed or protected by complete strangers like most parents do today. If I did they too would probably grow up to be brainwashed traitors to our race and useful slaves and cannon-fodder for the (real or artificial) Jews who rule this world today. If I did they too would be likely to become lost to Europe.

Yes, it is a matter of making sure we not only produce European children, but also keep them European. We must raise them to become good, honest, hard-working, skilled, knowledgeable, kind, just and honourable, but also strong and intolerant, as well as merciless and hard in relation to our enemies. Europe is not just a race (or actually a species), it is also a mentality, a spirit, a moral and mind-set. HailaR WôðanaR! 

My children being home-schooled;


Original text by V. V.

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