The term «tolerance» is, just like the term «freedom», very much used in the anti-European propaganda. Being tolerant is apparently a good thing. Being tolerant is the only positive alternative. Yes; tolerance is the sign of a highly developed mind, an emotionally mature individual and of wisdom.

Homosexuals, other races, mongrelization, other religions, alternative life-styles, atheism, all art and all politically correct ideology; we are to tolerate all of this! The only thing we are not to tolerate is of course intolerance…

A Jewish propaganda slogan;


Yes, being intolerant is seen as very bad, and if you are intolerant of anything (save of intolerance) you might as well start dressing and speaking like a redneck, because that is what you are in their eyes; an uneducated, emotionally infantile, stupid and ignorant redneck.

Jewish propaganda posters;


The freedom to and actually this absurd notion of tolerance is what has caused the most havoc to Europe. When everyone are free to do just about anything they want, and when everybody else is supposed to tolerate whatever they do, it will never last long until the entire society is in – pardon my language – deep shit.

My assertion is that being tolerant is not at all a sign of greatness of mind, or being emotionally mature or wise; it is solely a sign of ignorance and weakness, it is (from a biological point of view) suicidal and also utterly stupid. Yes, to tolerate an invasion of peoples who are anything but tolerant towards you; to tolerate that the enemy our forefathers fought hard to keep out for thousands of years to just enter freely; to tolerate that everything healthy and sane is spat upon every day and everywhere in your society is all extremely stupid, ignorant, suicidal and also respectless towards our forebears. Sorry, but I spit upon tolerance instead!


I do not tolerate that left-wing nut-cases completely brainwashed into becoming no better than Jews themselves allow Europe to be taken over by Jews and Muslims. I do not tolerate that Muslims in particular, but others too (including Europeans), rape European women in the streets, or anywhere else for that matter, in anycontext, and are even allowed to do it again and again. I do not tolerate that politicians soil the sacred Pagan institution of marriage, by allowing homosexuals to marry as if they were normal human beings. I do not tolerate that European children are being brainwashed with vile and anti-European lies. I do not tolerate that Jews, priests and other perverts sexually abuse European children. I do not tolerate that Hollywood propagates promiscuity and stupidity as being the highest ideals for women. I do not tolerate that Judeo-Christians build their synagoges on our European sacred soil! I do not tolerate anything in Europe that goes against the interests of Europe! To tolerate anything of that sort is treason and cowardice!

Sorry, but to me a healthy tolerance is e. g. to accept that others make mistakes too and to be able to appreciate your friends in spite of their odd or annoying sides. You don’t tolerate a Muslim invasion or a Jewish take-over of Europe! That is treason, not tolerance! You don’t tolerate that one or more men rape you daughter; you avenge it – and if you don’t you are not a man, but a worthless coward with no honour whatsoever!

No, I am not a «primitive» man, but a man. Not a modern unisex woman-man, but a true European man! I represent the norm, the historic norm; I am a keeper and guardian of law and order, of traditions and culture, of values and virtues, of race and reason; of Europe – and I tolerate nothing that goes against any of this! HailaR WôðanaR!

The Face of Intolerance:


Original text by V. V.

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