The European Mind, Spirit & Blood


Tolerance is only weakness and ignorance and a tool promoted by Jews to destroy Europe. So I am not a tolerant person, and I don’t think the future Europe should be either. We are kind by nature, but we should let intolerance guide us rather than kindness when we are to decide who shall stay and who shall not, in the New Europe. We must be merciless and efficient in our weeding out of artificial Jews and mongrels amongst us – if not it will not take long before we sink into another reeking bog.

What I mean when I say «artificial Jew» is «a man of European race with a Jewish mind and spirit». In other words any Free Mason, Christian, Socialist/Communist/Social Democrat, Capitalist, Liberal, Feminist, Nihilist/Atheist and Muslim. Therefore I say that to be European in mind and spirit you need to have a European world view and European values – and yes; European means Pagan! You need to base your life on a concept of Honour! The only religion a European can have is the European ancestral cult, and he must swear allegiance to the deities of our forebears!

What I mean when I say «mongrels amongst us» is «a man who believes he is European, but who is actually so race mixed that he can no longer be defined as a part of the European species». Therefore I say that to be defined as beingEuropean by blood you have to actually be European too. What does that mean? Well, it means that you look European, and don’t have any non-Europeans in your family the last few hundred years. If there is any doubt whatsoever regarding whether or not you are European then you probably aren’t. E. g. many (yes, not all or even most, but many!) Iberians, South Italians and Greeks are not Europeans by blood (they are closer to Arabs than they are to other Europeans!), and the same can be said about some from other European nations too.

The only Europe with a future is a Europe with a European population, in mind, spirit and blood. Those who are not are nottrue Europeans! They are artificial Jews and/or mongrels. HailaR TîwaR!

Examples of Europeans by blood

17mai_578682a2272287-Polish_folk_dancers_Corkred_pres_vejdeland1Midsommardansah-1923-colorized-1images (7)images (6)assurance_happy_family_sunshineimages (1)Ek WargaRBulgariaDressstock-photo-young-european-girl-baking-bread-637392

Examples of mongrels who only think they are Europeans by blood:


Original text by V. V.

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