The Effete


In Christianity you will find bits stolen from Mithraism, a few bits from the Babylonian religion, a religion based on the Sumerian Religion. Of course there is much taken from the Egyptian religion, and also a lot from Hinduism. Or so we are supposed to believe anyhow…


Christianity began as a purely Jewish sect. It was a Jewish religion created solely for the purpose of destroying the Roman Empire,their main enemy at that time (and was later extended to be used against all of Europe). For this reason Christianity was banned, but they faced strong resistance everywhere in Europe for other reasons as well. In fact they faced so much resistance that they had to modify their weapon, Christianity, on the way in order for them to stand any chance whatsoever of using it in the Roman Empire. The Romans refused to let go of their own religious ideas, and perhaps they were not even able to, because it was in their blood, so with time more and more of the Roman (i. e. European) religion was incorporated into Christianity. This was something they had to do in order for the Romans to accept it in the first place! Because of this Christianity did indeed with time spread out across the Roman Empire, and contributed to its fall too, but it was by then not as Jewish or effective as first intended. All the High Festivals in Christianity were already by then European; every single one of them, only the contents had been modified a bit! The anti-Roman terrorist Jesus was not what he originally had been intended to be, but instead he resembled the European solar deity of eternal return. «God» looked more like the European Sky God than the sinister Hebrew Jehovah, and the whore Mary had turned into the caring and loving European Mother Earth Goddess. The morals and ethics were European, the symbolism too, the traditions as well, and at the end of the day Christianity had turned into what was basically just a Jewish faith with almost only European content.

Heimdallr/Cronos/Saturnus/Amaethon/Dashdebog/Byelobog as “Saint Nicolas”.


So the reason we find similarities in Christianity and Mithraism, the Babylonian religion, the Egyptian religion and Hinduism, is not that they have influenced Christianity, but the fact that the European religion is the main influence or even the foundation forall these faiths! When they too are originally European, or heavily influenced by the European religion, and/or based on the European religion, then why would they not be similar to the Europeanized Jewish weapon that we today call Christianity?

We all know of Catholicism, of the Greek-Russian Orthodox faith and of the different forms of Protestantism, but other forms of Christianity too spread out across the Europe, each adopted to local European customs, where they were being used to destroy European culture. They were different because different aspects of the European religion were kept in the different parts of Europe. The Jewish weapon turned into also CatharismBogomilism,Celtic-ChristianityGnosticismCoptic Christianity, and I am sure dozens of other variants too, shaped by local customs, to be better promoted and spread in that particular area by the Jews. As we know not all of these types of Christianity survived, though, for different reasons.

By the time Christianity had reached Northern Europe it was so stripped of its Jewish content, and was so stuffed with European content, that it did not at all have the negative effect the Jews wanted it to have. So they figured they had to do something about this, and set out to change Christianity back to what it was supposed to be; a Jewish weapon designed to destroy European culture. One of their unknowing and certainly unwilling puppets, Martin Luther (who ironically believed himself to be very anti-Jewish), was instrumental in this, and managed to remove an incredible amount of European content from Catholicism. The result was, as we all know, Protestantism; a Christianity almost void of European content. Only the Judaism is left completely intact. The European religion is barely there any more.

Now, any Catholic readers might wallow in this information, and say “yes!”, and Northern Europe might not be too happy about this, but don’t be too happy yet and bear with me. You see, there was a very fortunate side-effect of this too. When they removed so many European elements from Catholicism they ended up with a religion, Protestantism, that was very unappealing to most Northern Europeans. Aha! And this naturally also explains why Northern Europe today, some hundred years later, is hopelessly a-religious! We are indeed supposed to be Protestants, but the vast majority of us feel no connection with that sorry excuse for a religionwhatsoever. Why would we, when the European elements were so efficiently removed by Martin Luther and his idiot helpers?

The Jews, using Martin Luther and other fools, removed the elements that kept the religion from being cast aside as nonsense in the first place; and when they did the Northern Europeans naturally cast the religion aside fairly quickly. So today Northern Europe is almost completely free from Christianity. Hardly anybody in Northern Europe cares for Protestantism, hardly anybody there goes to church ever – usually they only visit a church three times in life; when they are baptised, when they marry and when they are to be buried, and today even that is not so usual. Only a small minority in so-called Protestant countries even believe in the Hebrew “God”.

The problem with this is that the death of Christianity, and first of all the death of Protestantism, (that we will see here in Europe very soon, probably within one or at least a few generations), has created a religious void in particular in the so-called Protestant countries, and this void is being filled by Jews, with Marxist atheism and other forms of nihilism, with “humanism”, with New Age and Wicca nonsense, Hippie-Paganism and everything and anything that is notEuropean. They are still doing their best to destroy Europe. They are still using Christianity as a means to achieve this, but when they lose their main weapon they will of course make use of their other weapons. Now, when there is a void we can also step in and make sure we fill that void with the European religion!

Zealots (no, you are not welcome back to Europe. We threw you out for a reason);


We will soon have defeated Christianity in Europe (but probably not in the USA, a nation made up mainly [but thankfully not exclusively] of religious zealots, whose forefathers were literally chased away from or thrown out of Europe, for their religious fanaticism), but for sure the fight is not over. The Jewish weed has entered our garden through other cracks too. We are the gardeners. Let us do our job properly and turn our garden into a European Paradise again – and let us plant only our European flowers from now on. HailaR WôðanaR!

A Real Case against the Jews” by Marcus Eli Ravage! 


Original text by V. V.

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