Hate Crime

The Marxists and Anarchists – operating under names such as «Social Democrats», «Socialists» and similar – often claim we – the «horrible Nazi scum» – are so violent, and they make long lists documenting our hate crimes.

In prison I met a few so-called skinheads, and naturally shared a few stories with them. They were in prison for «hate crimes», after having beaten up some drug dealing Pakistani gang members or Blitz youth (i. e. Marxist and Anarchist extremists), but they all had one thing in common; none of them had actually started the fight. They had all only defended themselves when they were attacked solely because of their «nationalist» looks or because extremists recognized tham as nationalists and therefore attacked them. They told me that whenever they failed to defend themselves they were simply beaten up, and often hospitalised, and of course the «Norwegian» police never did any investigations whatsoever surrounding the circumstances. When they successfully defended themselves though they were viciously persecuted legally and always ended up in prison for «hate crime». Oh, and naturally the Marxists registered their «hate crimes» and used it to document how violent and dangerous the nationalists («Nazis») were.

The extremists seek conflict with the nationalists, and no matter what the nationalists say or do they can not get out of the situation peacefully; when they try they are attacked by the extremists.

In France we had a case yesterday with a left wing activist (i. e. an extremist) who was beaten to death by a gang of skinheads. That is what the newspapers told us anyhow. The Jewish president of France and the Jewish prime minister too have gone out publicly and called it a murder, and even an assassination (!), and call for a total crackdown on all such horrible violent nationalist groups. They must all be banned, they say.

The French TV’s image used to show their viewers what «nationalist skinheads» look like.

Yes, as you can see, they show a manipulated photo of a group of communists and anarchists. Again the media tell us lies.

Ok… then some very few French newspapers interview witnesses to the event and it turns out the dead extremist was part of a group of «left wing activists» (i. e. extremists) wearing fighting gloves (!) who went to an event held in a shop selling clothes of a brand popular amongst nationalists in France. There they verbally abused and threatened the nationalists present, who returned to the inside of the shop to avoid having to fight the extremists. The extremists followed them into the shop but were thrown out of the shop by a guard, because they behaved aggressively. Eventually the nationalists, three young men and a young woman, had to leave the shop, and were then attacked by the waiting extremists. The nationalists then beat up the attacking extremists, and accidentally killed one of them in the process – using no weapons whatsoever when they defended themselves. All the witnesses confirm the story of the nationalists, including the guards who threw out the extremists. The «poor» victim of this «assassination» is known by the police for similar aggressive behaviour earlier. The police was also at the scene 15 minutes earlier, and confirms that everything was fine, the nationalists behaved examplary and there was no problem.

Now, consider what you just read, and then see what Russia Today has to say about this episode;

In other words; Russia Today is no better than other mass medias. They too are nothing but lying pigs. I can add that the “thousands” protesting were actually a much smaller group. Most Frenchmen understand what is actually going on in this case.

Oh, and had the extremists killed a nationalist we would of course never have heard about this case in the first place. We never do.

Dear readers. When you read or hear about «nationalist extremists» or «Nazis» attacking others, when you hear about «hate crime», when you hear about the terror and hatred of the «right-wing extremists», this is what you actually see; lieslies and more lies.

They are the extremists, they are the ones attacking usthey are the ones hating (and they hate Europe), they are the ones we should all fear! They are the ones using terror and lies to achieve their goals!

The left wing extremists make up a small part of our peoples, and they rule via harassment, terror, lies and threats, and the peoples of Europe will at some point revolt against their reign, but until then make sure you don’t break any laws or do other things that can be used against us. The peoples of Europe are waking up to reality, and our mission is to do our best to help them wake up. HailaR WôðanaR! 

Original text by V. V.

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