Christianos ad leonem!


Christianity is not what it used to be. Yes, let us take a look at the roots of Christianity and how Christianity was like in the first few centuries of its existence.

Let us first find out why the early Christians were persecuted by the Romans. As most of you probably know already all the early Christians were Jews. It was a purely Jewish sect. To many this might not say much, but when we hear the reasons the Romans had for persecuting them a light should go on for everyone; they were accused of incest, of performing child sacrifices, of cannibalism and other outrageous crimes.

As some of us know incest of the most revolting paedophile kind is even today a surprisingly common practise amongst Jews, and it is even legalized and argued for in their religious texts – in particular in the Talmud. (Go to Destroy Zionism for more on that, if you need more evidence.)

Murdering children has also for a long time been a common practise amongst Jews. Some claim they still do, but evidence suggest they only did this for about 3.000 years of their shameful history. In order to become a Jew, to be accepted as a Jew (to become one of the “chosen” people), the aspiring Jews had to stone to death an innocent child. Those who refused to do so where themselves guilty of blasphemy, which of course meant that they would be stoned to death themselves. A rather humorous description of how this was done in practise can be found in Life of Brian. Note that even though the Monty Python team turns this into a joke, they base this on real historical evidence, and the same evidence show that they did this to innocent children too. You can best understand this in the light of what modern criminal biker gangs do; they demand that prospects commit serious crimes to become a member; if the prospects do they will have him “by his balls”, so to speak, meaning that if he betrays them he will go down too. The Jewish sect was a criminal sect (as seen from their operations in the Roman Empire as well as in Ancient Egypt), and they practised a form of this “initiation ritual” – and for 3.000 years stoned innocent children to death to become accepted as true members.

When it comes to the cannibalism accusation this, perhaps to the surprise of at least most of us, is actually not just made-up nonsense either. From The Hidden Mysteries we can read that;

In Antiquities of Mexico, Lord Kingsborough writes: “In nothing did the Mexicans more resemble the Jews than in the multitude of their sacrifices…”. “It was customary amongst the Jews to eat a portion of the flesh of sacrifices, and to burn the rest; and Peter Martyr in allusion to that custom says in the fourth chapter in his fifth Decad, that, “As the Jews sometimes eate [sic] the lambs which were sacrificed by the old law, so do they eat mans [sic] flesh, casting only away the hands, feet, and bowels.”

Kingsborough also says: “All the Spanish authors agree that no suffering from famine could induce the Mexicans, when closely besieged by Cortes, to eat the flesh of their country men who had been killed: whence it must be inferred that they only ate the flesh of sacrificed and devoted victims. The Jews were less able to withstand the torments of hunger.”

Ancient Jews were known to practise cannibalism, to the extent that they have been called “horrible cannibals” by the eminent Christian scholar Lord Kingsborough.

Further, we know that Jon D. Levenson, Susan Nidditch and Susan Ackerman (all Jews themselves!) have stated that at least some (ancient) Israelites believed that child sacrifice was a legitimate part of Judaism.

images (2)

So it is not at all unlikely that the accusations made against the early Christians, of incest, cannibalism and child sacrifice, were not just invented by the Romans to give them an excuse to persecute them. They most likely persecuted the early Christians because they had all the reasons to do so! Because these Christian Jews really were incestuous child sacrificing cannibals!

The Pagan rites that today is so rife in Christianity were not included until much later, when different Europeans were duped into joining that revolting cult of Jesus. In the beginning they didn’t even have Christmas! It was originally an all-Jewish sect! When the different peoples of Europe had this primitive and backward hate cult forced down their throats, by threat of death and torture, they refused to give up their Pagan customs, and no matter what the different popes and other mostly Jewish lunatics did over the years they never successfully managed to make even the Christianized Europeans drop (all) their Pagan traditions.

The Romans initially dealt with the early Christians in the most sensible manner; e. g. the honourable Emperor Marcus Aurelius ordered the decapitation of all Roman Christians, the burning of all non-Roman Christians and all Christian slaves were to be thrown to the lions. Yes, the horrible Christian Jews faced a real Holocaust… and of course for a good reason. As always.

You might wonder how the Pagan Rome eventually became Christianized, and I am no less baffled by this than you are, but we can only assume that the pack of rats known to us as Christian Jews must have behaved in a manner very similar to the Jews of today, who e. g. in just over 200 years have managed to turn the entire European continent into a feminist brothel, drowning in degeneracy, depravity and other Jewish specialities. (Alas! If only the French Noblemen had suppressed that Jewish-lead and Jewish-instigated revolt in France in 1789…)

I am sure the Jews are very disappointed in the fact that Europe’s Christians are really not at all what the Jews intended them to be. They don’t stone to death children. They don’t normally rape their children (although quite a lot of priests do). Nor do they eat the flesh of other human beings. Such a shame…

No, the European Christians are still rather Pagan; they still practise the Pagan rites, albeit with a Christian content, they still are mostly decent, kind and lawful human beings. And the biggest failure of all; they can still at any time drop that crucifix in the gutter where it belongs and pick up the hammer of Þôrr! And if they don’t, their children are even likely to do so – because Europe is waking up and see a wave of Pagan enlightenment all over the entire continent, banishing the Jewish darkness of Christianity. We have our 2nd Renaissance as we speak, and this time we will go all the way and return our deities, heroes and heroines to where they belong! HailaR WôðanaR!

And how to deal with the “early Christians”? You know already..

A Pagan Roman Hero of Europe; Marcus Aurelius.

383px-Marcus_Aurelius_Glyptothek_Munich L'Image_et_le_Pouvoir_-_Buste_cuirassé_de_Marc_Aurèle_agé_-_3


Original text by V. V.

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