We probably all agree that we don’t like being censored, but many seem to mistake my distaste for being censored with a distaste for censorship per se. Here they err gravely! Of course I am in favour of censorship! I am just not happy about the current form of censorship. Yes, I strongly dislike that the truth is being censored, but what I find even more repulsive is when the truth is being actively ignored. Yes, they have realised that to ignore the truth is much more efficient than to try to bury it with lies. No amount of lies can suffocate the truth; it will emerge from the pile of lies thrown on top of it no matter what – sooner or later! However, if they just pretend it doesn’t exist it is much more likely to disappear for all time.

The educational system and the press in Soviet Norway spread their foul lies about me for 16 years, but every time they spread a lie (which often didn’t even make any sense) they only made a few more individuals investigate the issue further – and when they did they easily found the truth; and they in turn then began to spread the truth to others. Many still believe in the lies, of course, but fewer and fewer do – because the truth is always stronger than any lie. Had they instead ignored me completely – like they wisely do today – nobody would have even known I existed in the first place, and then nobody would have get to know the truth in the first place.

When we spread the truth, with our blogs and other means too, we are free to do so sans persecution pretty much no matter what we say (if we are wise about it), because the cost for them to tell others that we — the «evil Nazi pigs» — say these things is higher than it is for them to leave us alone – and hope that not too many get to know about us or what we say in the first place. Had any mainstream newspaper today written anything negative about Thulean Perspective today it would have been a disaster for them, because it would only mean that all their readers all of a sudden would be reminded of the fact that the Thulean Perspective exists – and many of them would have read a post or two, and they would then have been forced to think a few things over. The (real and artificial) Jews really don’t want that! No amount of darkness can ever suffocate the light! It only takes a single light to banish the darkness.

We are in fact participants in a race; the Jewish enemy race to enforce all the laws they need to physically make it impossible for anyone to revolt, and we race to wake up our peoples and make them revolt before that happens. The good news is that we are winning, and we are because the Jews are too greedy to miss out on any opportunity to cash in on something (anything!); they make money from our truth-spreading art, from our books, from our blogs (you have to pay someone to be allowed to have a blog!), from Internet of course, from our computers and from so much else assisting us! E. g. they made so much money on writing lies about me that they kept doing so for 16 years, even though I am sure they understood and knew perfectly well that it was not at all good for them in the long run.

The Face of the Enemy;

Things are really bad in our cities; both crime and race mixing is so common it can make anyone with a consciense and a three digit IQ weep, but think about it this way; the victims of this crime are much more likely to see what is really happening, to join our cause and to revolt… so the more multicultural crime the merrier; it benefits us and our cause in the long run! The race mixers are really not a problem either; they don’t ruin our race! They just leave our race, and who can seriously say that we are not better off without them? They have no morals, no racial pride, no honour; nothing! So good riddance! The multicultural society is not the death of our race, but when there actually a good way for nature to weed out the bad seeds, so to speak – and when that has gone on for some time we remove the multicultural society and make Europe European again. I know of so many who are not afraid to do the «hard work» it takes to turn Europe European again that I really don’t think this will be a problem. It might in fact be just a pleasure… after all; Wotan; id est furor! No synagogue/bank, church or mosque will survive the cleansing of Europe for sure! The best they can hope for is to have a huge Hakenkreuz or an Ôðal rune replace whatever decorative art there is in them.

The truth should only ever be censored for strategic-military purposes, and in fact that is what happens today too; our enemies wage a war against us all, on all levels, and naturally they use censorship to win the war. So keep spreading the truth! Never be afraid to do so, and know that we will win in the end! It might take some effort, some personal sacrifices and some courage, but why would we – Europeans – shy away from something like that? Would it not be much worse if we didn’t have an opportunity to fight for a good cause? Heroes are born in times of strife and misery, not in times of peace and joy. Rejoice! We have the opportunity to save Europe! HailaR ÞunoR! HailaR WôðanaR!

The truth is a fist in the face of our enemy!

PS. The guy punching him is also a Jew, but how can we not enjoy this photo anyhow? And look how the wretched Jew already has his «poor suffering victim» mask on, even before he hits the ground!

Original text by V. V.

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