A Political Program


In 1998 I wrote what was came to be a political program for the A. H. F., the «Allgermanische Heidnische Front». For different reasons the A. H. F. was eventually dissolved, I think around 2003, but I have several times after this thought about this program and as far as I remembered it was quite good. With the help of the host of Destroy Zionism I found a copy of the program online. It is a bit abbreviated (or perhaps even slightly changed), but not much, and after reading through it I still think it is a pretty good program.

The program was written for an assumed pan-Germanic state, but could well be written for any European state made up of a specific ethnic group, be it Gaulish, Britonic, Slavo-Scythian, Thrakian, Greek, Finnish, Italian, Hungarian, Iberian or Basque, or indeed for a pan-European Empire made up of different ethnically defined kingdoms.

«The Allgermanic Heathen Front fights to create a free Grossgermania with a competent defence, and a strong responsible leadership who serves the people, and who ties the bounds between the people and the soil of the fatherland, strengthens unity and loyalty, religion and culture.

A competent defence and freedom demands a firm and healthy human stock, red-hot with enthusiasm towards it’s elevated task, proud of it’s Germanic blood and it’s kin, self-secure, and aware of it’s rights and duties.

For the people to be steeped in this good spirit, the male youth must be educated to become competent military personnel. The compulsory military service must be introduced in a renewed form, and every soldier must find his place in the people’s army.

In a war situation men and women must serve the fatherland at the front or at home.

A land with a competent army must respect and honour it’s soldiers, take care of them after fighting ends – especially for the wounded and injured. A situation of need for these men and women is a disgrace for the fatherland.

Unlimited (right of) self-determination is a presupposition for freedom.

We must get rid of alien states’ and organisations’ guardianship, subjugation and yoke.

On the domestic front we need to fight freemasonry and Marxism, alien capital and stagnation of the people’s material and spiritual life, intend to grasp the power of the world. The Jehovah-faith is also forced upon the Germanic people as a stratagem.

We must fight the Jesuit order and all similar megalomaniac offsprings of Judaism.

It is of uttermost importance that a citizen directly responsible to the people controls the government.

The people is a living unit of Germanic citizens, who in company with the self-sacrificial will, serve each other with the work of both the hand and the spirit. Everybody who does his or her duty has – in whatever situation the individuals are in – right to enjoy respect, help and care.

Men and women stand at each other’s side, as equals, yet they are different from each other. In the family the Germanic people is renewed. The coming youth shall live like their parents. Youth movements can gain some influences, but never replace the parents’ movements.

The soil of the home is for the people the irreplaceable fatherland, with it the people is connected. By establishing small farms and own homes the homefeeling is strengthened more than by building blocks of flats in the cities. The holy Germanic soil must never become an object of bargain. For thousand of years we where a happy people of farmers and under changed conditions we must continue to be, and have our backbone in the farmers, without neglecting the other industries.

When people re-grow with the soil of the fatherland, it will acquire the faith, culture and competence our forefathers possessed. This is what will determine the future of our people.

Familyfeeling and cultural awareness are the backbone of a people.

The Germanic Asatru is characterised by the race-peculiarity of the people. To return to Asatru will save our people from degeneration. Germanic awe for the ideals and Germanic patience will show us the way we have to go to get ourselves rid of the alien subjugation and yoke.

Culture is the result of a people’s religion and it’s moral ideals. Like a living source the culture penetrates art, science and all creation of spirit. Art and science must be freed from alien influence. That the people is poisoned spiritually is worse that sickness and death. The mothertongue and the people’s customs and practices are essential parts of a people’s culture, and must be kept sacred.

Civilisation and it’s progress shall serve the people, and through that the Germanic work of science get its initiation. The community household must subordinate itself to the moral ideals of the people. Within these borders it can unfold freely. In wartime the community household subordinate itself to the state.

The community household must provide the people with all necessary supplies in the cheapest way possible, independent of alien supply. Increase in cost to the benefit to individual groups is out of the question. It is the duty of the state to see that this work the way it is meant to.

The finances must be free from all alien influence and be arranged through Germanic sense of justice. In that the measurement of value lies untouched from the influences of foreign countries.

The pay must be proportional to the work done. This principle will strengthen the enthusiasm for one’s work and it will secure the industrial peace.

The redemption from the subjugation and all alien yokes will mean welfare for all Germanic citizens, and it will end the misery of all the workers in need in all the stratum of society.

On this foundation every man and woman of Germanic descent can find foothold, and we encourage everybody to do that.»

The official A. H. F. flag;

It saddens me to see that since 1998 nothing in our societies has become better, save perhaps the Internet. Most likely we need such political programs as this one more than ever before, but I am in doubt whether or not there is a political solution to the problems Europe suffer from. Like the Germans say, or at least used to say; “Gegen Demokraten helfen nur Soldaten”. We might just as well prepare for disaster. Total collapse of society. Total anarchy.

Only a storm of steel, blood and fire can cleanse Europe now!

Get ready for it! HailaR WôðanaR! 

NB! Remember that I don’t have a Facebook account and that all accounts in my name there are run by frauds. I strongly urge you to boycott them all.

Original text by V. V.

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