Freedom to, freedom from

The illusion of man’s freedom is very much used in mainstream propaganda to pretend one system provides man with so much more freedom than the other. They forget something very important though; there is something called freedom to, but there is also something called freedom from, and the first most often come at the expense of the latter, and vice versa. They also forget to tell us that one man’s freedom often comes at the expense of another one man’s freedom no matter what. This might not always have been the case, but from the introduction of agriculture an onwards it certainly was.

Freedom is not a purely positive term, as too much freedom just leads to irresponsibility and stagnation; it is when you e. g. marry and have children, and thus sacrifice some of your personal freedom, that you best become a person contributing to the survival of the tribe. Sure, a self-sacrificial young warrior can too, but what good is his self-sacrifice for the betterment of the tribe if the tribe has no future generations in the first place? A man must first produce children, and then, when they are raised and educated well, can he start sacrificing himself for the betterment of the tribe.

Being free to do as you please is not a gift, but really just a very stupid way to end your own life in the most meaningless way possible. Yes, we have that freedom today; you can jump off cliffs with a parachute attached to your back, or attached to a long cord or whatever; you can dive to the sea-floor and swim amongst sharks if you want; you can take all the drugs in the world, one after the other; you can focus on education and making money if you please to; you can drive very fast in your fancy car; you can sleep around and screw as many dumb sluts as you want to or care to pay for; you can choose to live in a tent in the park and beg for a living; you can become a crusader and kill towel-heads for pay; you can ride a bike around the world, if you care to; you can marry a Negro, if you want to, and have little, brown and unintelligent kids; you can even marry a person of the same gender! The opportunities are almost endless. Society has no moral condemnation of you no matter what you do – unless of course you choose to fight this system and the “freedom” it provides to us all (in which case you are a Nazi pig and deserve to be shot – twice).

You are free to look like this if you want to;

You don’t have so much freedom from, though. Because everybody else too have the freedom to you might end up being raped in the streets by sub-human animals, or you might be run over by a car driven by a drunk loser, or you will get a VD, because that slut you screwed didn’t only sleep with you, or you might get brown and unintelligent kids who are brain-damaged too (because nobody told you that mongrel children very often are), or you might see your kids being robbed, raped or killed in the streets by other kids, who had the freedom to grow up without any form of upbringing. We really don’t have much freedom from today. An old lady my mother spoke to in the 90ies told her that she missed the German occupation, and my mother was naturally a bit surprised by this, so she asked her why; “Because Oslo was safe then. There was absolutely no crime. We had German soldiers patrolling the streets, and we felt so safe. These handsome young German men were so polite and well-behaving, unlike young men today”. So she hadfreedom from, and apparently thought that was better. I guess some – perhaps many – do. I know I do.

You are not free from the risk of having your low-quality modern junk car, that you had to become a debt slave to get your hands on, end up like this;

Yes, our “democratic” societies are really no more free than even a Nazi Occupation was, because the extreme freedom to completely annihilates our freedom from.

We really need a balance between freedom to and freedom from, and we must never allow our societies to be free from moral attitudes, as they are today. And yes they are! Allowing everythingor almost everything is not morals, but nihilism and ignorance! The morals of modern “democracies” are purely hypocritical, as can bee seen from just about everything they do; they “help” the “poor” immigrants, but at the expense of the native Europeans; they fight for environmentalism, but imports millions of human beings not polluting where they live to come to Europe and live here in the most polluting and environmentally unfriendly way possible; they fight for the preservation of threatened animal species, but do their best to destroy human diversity by advocating race mixing as much as they can; they claim they fight for animal rights, but at the same time torture millions of animals in huge industrial food plants, spewing out low-quality food to feed the meaningless masses they have imported from poor countries; they say they are environmentalist, but still produce goods of such a low quality they are little more than junk from the moment you unwrap them; they say they are environmentalists, but still produce cars that are designed to last no longer than 3 or perhaps 5 years, while they could have done like they did in the 50ies and 60ies and build cars that are meant to last a lifetime; they fight for the rights of homosexuals to marry and have (adopted) children, but don’t care for the children adopted by homosexuals, who have to grow up in a “family” with no natural relations to the human species; they say they fight for women’s rights, but promote women solely as sexual objects, and promote sex with them as little more than masturbation in another – any other – body (so why not in an animal or a child too? That’s the only logical next step for this). I could go on and on and on listing examples of how hypocritical their so-called “moral” is, and thus how empty it is. They don’t mean anything they say; they have no morals! They only care about being re-elected, so that they can continue for another 4 or 5 years to butter their own cake. Theyonly care about selling newspapers of getting high ratings for their TV shows – because every moral attitude, every traditional value, every virtue on this planet has been replaced by one thing; greed! Yes, our societies have become so Jewish that they are solely based on the greed of the individuals in it. In the multi-cultural society there is no unity, no trust, no common goal, no direction; no meaning!

What we now need more than anything, if we want Europe as a biological unity to survive, is a society free from Jews and Jewish influence. The only way to achieve this is through Ôðalism!

Original text by V. V.


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